Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Colin Time

Colin attended Rendezvouz for Kids at East City Park in Moscow this past week and learned how to finger knit and use a sewing machine - the tasks Grandma's are proud of.  Yesterday Duane Anne and Colin drove to Lewiston to meet Anne's sister and brother in law at the Lewiston Airport so Colin spent a little time with me and showed me his long finger knitting creation and the step-by-step process.  We used a flag on a stick to hold the stitches while we created a book bag for use when he goes to the Library.  I have lots of fabric, but Colin spotted the left-ver fleece fabric I used to make his "Perry the Platypus" costume for Halloween last year.

He definite had an idea of the size and he wanted just one strap, not two!  He learned how to safely use a rotary cutter and how to measure the fabric on the cutting grid.  He told he only learned how to push the foot pedal on the sewing machine.  So I told him about ironing the raw edges into the middle of the strap, how to change the stitches to ziz-zag and how to feed the fabric into the machine.  At first he only wanted to push the foot pedal for the strap, but then he wanted to try to feed the fabric for the side stitches of this bag.

He proudly showed off his creation when Mom and Dad returned from a quick trip to Costco.

While we were visiting with Patrick and Mary Pat, Colin busied himself with his finger knitting project and eventually using it as locks of hair!  Then he raided my yarn stash and took several skeins home.  Maybe those projects will occupy him on our long trip to the Oregon Coast.

I didn't get a picture of Mary Pat and Patrick, but Anne borrowed my IPAD so they could hold it up in the airport - just a way to make them smile as they walked into the terminal.  Patrick, a legendary Ohio Blues Musician, seemed eager to play with a local group later in the day at the Palouse Falls Brewing Company.  Mary Pat shared stories of her vacation with expert photographers and the recent challenges donating Mom Katie's house to Habitat for Humanity.

Patrick singing at Palouse Falls Brewing Co.
Colin - Drummer Extraordinaire!
These events are the magic moments of summer that create life-time memories.

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