Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

50 precious years of life

I can't believe my baby sister is 50 years old.  How can that be???  It's only when I look at the calendar that I become a believer.  I think this song was popular in 1967!
Maureen was born just six weeks before Duane - the Easter babies, she on Ash Wednesday, he on Holy Saturday.

 It's a little weird to have a sister, growing up in a home that I was no longer a part of.  I spent time with Maureen, in her younger years, only when our families visited each other.
She came to Oregon City when Karen was born.
And to Moscow for Thanksgiving in 1992,
but my best memories of Maureen are of our travel trips together.  

We met in Leavenworth in the fall of 1993 and it's the first time I ever ate a scone, prepared in our little hotel room by Maureen

She and I visited Duane in Bolder and he drove us to Rocky Mountain State Park
 We visited San Francisco in 1995, sharing Allan's hotel room.
And watching Phantom of the Opera for the first time.
She invited me to join her four girlfriends on a cruise to the Caribbean in 1996.

It was on that trip that we agreed to be old and still wear purple.

She once encouraged all her family to vote for so purple would be the new color for M&M's.

Our travelling together ended in 200o when she married Paul, but now I travel with Marilyn every spring to celebrate Grace's birthday and enjoy the lives of her busy family.

 An answer to our years of praying for her babies

Once the kiddos arrived, our travel vacations ended.
But I love to make an annual trek to Colorado to celebrate Grace's birthday!

 We get to enjoy the end of the year celebrations, and special occasions like First Communion and Mother's Day.

 Maureen loves to come back to Idaho, do a little hiking, and watch her family enjoy summer activities at the Lake
She's taught me how to find bargains at thrift and consignment stores.  She can find shoes, school uniforms, party dresses, and coats at any consignment shop in the world.  I love that about her.
She's always ready for a hike or walk with her sisters!
She's a master at cleaning, doing laundry, and making incredible meals, while being aware of allergies and food preferences!  

She encouraged us to decorate trees, Trees of Hope
Happy Birthday, dear Sister!  Thank you for all the years of traveling, walking, cleaning, reading, and plans to give others a sense of hope.  I look forward to our visit in March and many more precious years of life for you!

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