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Summer Hiking
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy Birthday, Anne

Today is Anne's birthday and as I look through my pictures, I discover that most reflect her joy reflected in a gorgeous smile!  She know how to have fun and how to laugh at herself!  She's not afraid to tell stories about her mishaps and her memory.  She loves to play jokes on her co-workers and is brave enough to embarrass her boss.

I love this picture, taken when we first introduced Anne to the larger Kopczynski family.  Even though she's the youngest of eight children she did not always have family to share the holidays.  Anne grew up in Toledo, Ohio on Perth Street, close to the University.  Her mom managed a busy household and her Dad worked as the editor of the Catholic Diocesan newspaper.  
These two did not have a long courtship, choosing to get married at a quaint Bed & Breakfast near Bolder, Colorado in October.

 A year later, this precious child was born!  

There are a lot of things I love about Anne - here are just a few!
When I come to visit the Wessels house, I get to sleep under two of my Mom's quilts!
Anne loves to connect with high school friends - this one joined us for lunch on Bainbridge Island and we lingered so long we almost missed our ferry back to Seattle.
I love that she recognizes things I like to do and asks for my help!  This is Colin's first communion banner that I designed (with the help of the internet) and Colin glued on the grapes.

I love that she's willing to coach soccer!
And play ice hockey!
And loves to decorate an outdoor planter that I bought to honor her mother, Katie
And that she encouraged Colin to have his own mini-donut booth at the Moscow Farmer's Market.
 I love that Colin plays the marimbas, with a lot of help from his mother to haul the instruments back and forth to Moscow Charter School.

I love that's she's a proud Irish women and loves being a 'ginger' along with niece, Bradleigh.
I love that she arranges sleep overs for Colin at Grandma's house
And insists we make lots of Christmas cookies every year even though she rarely eats them and gives most of them away.
I love that she invites me to go on family vacations
And takes selfies of our bike rides!
I fell in love with bike riding when she gave me her old bike in 2010!
I love how she makes me laugh, even when it's 110 degrees and we have no air conditioning.

Happy Birthday

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