Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Celebrating Karen's birthday

 I remember being overwhelmed with joy when the doctor told me I'd delivered a healthy baby girl!  It seemed too good to be true because I'd expected to have another boy.  She came into the world on a lovely spring day and I remember noticing the blooming forsythia, bright yellow and my life suddenly filled with the sunshine of a new baby girl.

I love this picture of Karen - another image of the light that emmanates from her smiling personality.
These two happy kids could not resist having some fun on their wedding day in 1992.
Lots of things changed in her life when Jacob and Bradleigh took over all her attention.  No matter that they gave her gifts that were things they really wanted for themselves.
Karen ensured we preserved history with lots of pictures of my Mom and the four generations.
Now these two work in the same hospital and I think it's so cool that Bradleigh's following in her mother's footsteps and enjoys the heart-wrenching hospital work.
They both love Disneyland, especially the most scary rides.

We've enjoyed working on lots of projects over the years and now we like to decorate our winter pots.
 Here's a short clip of Karen doing target practice in the snow of the Blue Mountains

And her attempt to get all of us in a selfie along with the gorgeous Blue Mountains in the background.
These two are the best gifts of my life!  Each unique and so different from each other.  Now we can celebrate birthdays and some holidays together!  I'm grateful for all the ways I'm included in their busy lives.  
Now there are three generations and I can't help but miss my Mom when we take pictures at these special events.  At the same time I look forward to great grandbabies when the time is right.
I whisper prayers of gratitude every time I get a phone call or an invitation to share the life of my precious daughter.  You continue to bring light and joy into my life.  I love you!

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