Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Bloomsday - we did it!

Anne and Duane surprised me with a great Christmas gift- a ticket to see Cirque du Soleil Varekai in Spokane on May 2nd.  So I countered with, "let's walk Bloomsday the next day.  It will be a great goal for me as my ankle continues to heal."  I've been trying to walk at least an hour every day to train for the 7.46 mile run/walk through the streets of Spokane.  And we did it!!!!
On Saturday afternoon we parked at the Arena and walked to the Convention Center through Riverfront Park.  Duane and I reminisced a bit about the l974 World's Fair held on this site.  The bridges over the river were walkways during the World's Fair. 
The Spokane River rushing over the falls.
We rushed over to this booth once we picked up our packets.  Anne intended to purchase a "see through" backpack, but they'd just sold out.  I recognized Danette Driscoll, now the Executive Director of HOPE - a school for hearing impaired.  She told Anne that she once babysat for Duane and Karen.  Our families lived in the same neighborhood in Clarkston.  What a joy to connect with her and learn that her daughter, Brooklyn, works at WSU and lives in Pullman.  
  We wasted some time in the Convention Center so rode a school bus back to the Arena just in time for the beginning of the show!
Sunday morning, my sister, Marilyn, delivered us to the beginning of the Lilac wave, near Riverside and Bernard.  Runners and Walkers are assigned "waves" depending on their predicted finishing time.  The lilac wave, 2nd to last, started in front of families with small children and strollers.  We waited almost an hour before our wave started to move.  

Anne borrowed this clear backpack for Colin, but we noticed other people with big backpacks, not following the rules.  We needed those energy bites and extra water.  It was a warm day.
Once the race began people shed their sweatshirts and pants.  The trees along Riverside were loaded with clothing that would be collected and donated to local thrift stores.

Duane told Colin that we would stop at every milepost for a picture.  
I noticed my 92-year old Aunt Maxine cheering runners near Government Way.  I had time for a brief visit and hug from them as we made our way to the cemetery and first water station.  
Top of Doomsday Hill

Colin's starting to get a little tired, but soon we saw signs for Ice Cream.
We appreciated the water, it helped cool us off!
Colin's way to showing the world that he was tired!
The joy of finishing, the time misleading because it took us an hour just to get to the starting line!
Duane's results, posted almost immediately on the Bloomsday website because of the chip imbedded in the race number bibs.  We did not get depressed about the results because we enjoyed the journey and the goal was not about finishing quickly, just finishing.  Colin delighted me with his energy and ability to keep going.  I actually fared a little better in my age group - most people my age walked/ran 17 minute miles----there's always next year, right?
And the joy of finishing!  Thank you family for helping me reach my goal.  And thank you, Marilyn, for the epsom salt foot soak after the race!

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