Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Seattle Visit

Karen had a few days off so we planned a little trip to Seattle to visit Bradleigh and my dear friend, Marcia.  The magic of texting, cell phones, and GPS enabled us to meet Bradleigh in downtown Seattle just as she walked off the ferry from Bremerton.
We spent time wandering around Pike's Market place, admiring all the gorgeous flowers.  I watched as people unloaded the vans and built the bouquets right in front of our eyes.  

We had quite a challenge deciding whack bouquets to buy - I chose some lilacs, Bradleigh wanted a mixed bouquet of lilies and other spring flowers.  She'd warned me that her back yard had several lilac bushes, but I just wanted to enjoy the fragrance while traveling on the ferry to Bremerton.  I can't believe I took not one picture of her sweet home near Olympic College.  The house reminds me of my own, arched doorways, wood floors, a tiny bathroom.  She and Nate bought some new couches and Karen and I bought a TV stand from IKEA so the living room feels more homey now.  Bradleigh's cat, Callie, will miss the old green frieze couch - one that she can dig her claws into.  Callie put on quite a show during our visit, climbing up the couch, set on edge in the dining room, and then backing herself back down to the floor.
 The clouds do not obstruct the great Seattle shoreline - still a glorious view even when it's cold!
Marcia and I enjoyed a great lunch outdoors on Monday.  I haven't seen her since mid-March when she broke her tibia plateau while walking in a dog park in Seattle.
She's manipulated the stairs and hills of Queen Anne while recuperating at daughter, Amy's home.  I miss her wisdom and Sunday night wine parties on the deck.  Please come home soon!!  I't been almost two months.

 We walked to Duke's on Alki Beach and enjoyed some great crab cakes and martinis!

Can't beat the glorious sunset as we walked back to the Condo.  God's creation of the earth, sea, and sky continue to amaze me, especially when shared with my daughter and grand!  

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