Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Building Relationships with the Benedictine Sisters from the Monastery of St. Gertrude

Sisters Margie Schmidt and Kim Marie Jordan invited Regina Sullivan and me to partner with them for a Relationship Building event at the parish center at St. Stan's.  We transformed the center into a welcome space to meet and greet our guests! The goal of the event was to enhance Monastery relationships in our area by extending Benedictine Spirituality and building support for the Monastery.

 Regina, arranging the napkins!  Notice the lovely lilac bouquets from her garden.  

Sister Margie lives close to the parish center and after going home to get an extension cord she decided we'd all worked hard enough to celebrate with a beer!  Love that about the nuns!

 Regina and I baked muffins and sweetbreads!
Jack took the picture of all four of us just before the guests arrived!

Margie welcomed all guests and talked about Benedictine Spirituality.  She said,  "spirituality manifests itself in our passions and creativity."  Guests then shared their own spirituality by talking about individual passions and creativity.
Sister Margie visiting with Sharrol St. Marie and Anita LaFrenz and a friend from Coeur d'Alene

 Sister Meg Sass visiting with Mary Kate Myers, Earl Stroshein, and Francis Wittman
Wanda Michael and Phyllis Fromdahl

Sister Kim Marie shared a power point presentation, depicting the history, mission, outreach, and current programs at the Monastery.  All are welcome as the Sisters share their mission of healing hospitality, grateful simplicity and creative peacemaking.
I express my gratitude to the Sisters for helping me grow spiritually and teaching me love and acceptance of all peoples!  Kim Marie mentioned that there are 46 Sisters and 70 Benedictine Oblates affiliated with this Monastery.  I love being an Oblate, learning more about Benedictine Spirituality and having a peaceful place to retreat from life in Lewiston.  

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