Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Annual Visit with the Gaeke's

Anne likes the idea of hand me downs and sent these great shirts that don't fit Colin anymore and the boys were happy because they both love Minecraft!

It definitely was a different visit this year because Aunt Marilyn did not come along.  I don't consider myself the "fun" auntie, but the kids welcomed me anyway.  I picked a great week to visit, one filled with school activities and events.

This is a picture of Paul's class spring program
And then Grace's class
Grace with one of her best friends!
Some of Maureen's friends think I'm her mother!!!  I always tell them, "No, but I could be."  This picture was taken after the First Grade Mother's Tea!

Grandma and Grandpa Gaeke gave the kids their very own IPAD for Christmas and they all love it and share it well.  Ryan gets some special time when the older kids are still at school.  When they are all at home, one gets to push the buttons when it's his or her turn, but the others watch whatever they are doing.
Marilyn sent this fabric "fairy" panel to Grace for her birthday and I sewed it into a little wallhanging, but she much preferred to use it as a blanket.  It did not end up on her wall.
We had a few scraps left over and Grace wanted little pillows and blankies for her dolls so I taught her how to use Maureen's sewing machine.
She made all kinds of sleeping bags and little pillows
She learned quickly and worked patiently to finish each project.  
One final group picture!

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