Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Whitewater Rafting on the Salmon

My daughter-in-law, Anne, loves to plan family events.  She usually sets some goals every summer and weaves family trips in and among friends-sponsored parties, DW's trips, and unpredictable weather patterns.  White water rafting had been on her list for two years now.  The summer seemed to be coming to a screeching halt when she asked if I'd like to join them for Colin's first white water raft trip!  "Of course," I responded.  I recalled my own anxiety in the summer of 1978 when Roy announced that his friend, John Bly, wanted to take a group of our friends on a trip through Hells Canyon.  Gosh, I still suffered from fear of the water and wondered if I was really up for this kind of adventure.  We talked our friends, Jack and Regina Sullivan, Don and Vona Litchfield,  and Clyde and Karen Conklin into going with us.  We were so naive!!!!
 After we safely landed at Heller Bar, I said, "this is the most fun I've ever had."  We fished below Hells Canyon Dam, floated down the Snake River, camped on sandy beaches, enjoyed incredible meals, and drank Black Duck.  Karen actually flipped out of a raft in Rush Creek, but lived to be a hero!  Since then I've been on several trips...all so much fun.
 I think this is Granite Creek Rapids
John Bly pondering his turn to navigate Wild Sheep Rapids
We joined again with the Sullivan, Cooper, and Schultz families in the mid 1980's.  
The cloudy and threatening sky did not deter us or affect the fun we enjoyed with Salmon River Expedition and their professional guide. 
We began the trip in Riggins and ended near Lucille, Idaho
The most fun for me was listening to Colin's squeals and giggles.  He loved it especially when he was in the front of the raft.

I paid for the professional photos to ensure I'd never forget Colin's big smile.  

I must've said it 25 times on this trip...."this is better than Disneyland."  A theme park cannot capture the real thing - the joy of being on the river, the incredible rapids, and lots of water spray.  
Thank you Anne organizing the best ride of the summer!

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