Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Seattle Family Time

I'm trying to sort out over 400 pictures and figure out a way to write a blog post that isn't a mile long. I tell my family and friends the reason I write a blog is to capture my memories.  But it's also a way for me to document my adventures and explore my feelings about the things I do.  When I downloaded all my pictures and looked at those shared with me via Flickr I experienced the most emotion when looking at the sibling photos.  We love being with each other.  We don't need planned activities, we just need a place to sit and visit.  I feel a lot of gratitude  to Don and Dena who ensured we were all invited to David and Tai's lovely wedding.  They provided the framework for some wonderful family time.  Thank you....

 Colin came behind us and told us to "look similar" as Duane snapped this picture.

 Similar Sisters - my roommates at Embassy Suites
People were afraid we might be dressed alike again, but we fooled them.
Larry, Marilyn, Theresa, Karen, Don, Connie, and Allan.  We missed Joan and Maureen.

Connie looked gorgeous in this blue dress.  We took pictures in the hotel to share with Garry!  I always take pictures of the flowers and Karen looks pretty in front of the lobelia.  So much blue!!!

We all stayed at the Embassy Suites and took some time on Saturday morning to walk on the nice trails around the hotel.  We found this lovely lake/pond - perfect time for photo shoot.

On our walk we saw a sign for a yard sale...  Connie bought bean bag chairs for her classroom, Larry found this gorgeous purple bowl and some Pottery Barn shelves.  I notice the happy places homeowners make for people who walk.. this was a great tree stump decorated with a little color.

I believe this gorgeous sunset was God's special gift to all of us who witnessed the wedding.  The sun's rays and the changing colors seemed to say to me, "the spectacular sunset mirrors the love and joy I felt being with the Kopczynski family."

Stayed tuned for the wedding post.

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