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Summer Hiking
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spike for the Cure - Breast Cancer Awareness

My granddaughter, Bradleigh, played a big role in Clarkston High School's fundraiser for the Gina Quesenberry Foundation.  Gina died of cancer, after fighting it for 5 years, when her daughter, Laynie was only 21 years old.  Laynie and her family started the foundation when she discovered local nurses often paid for some expenses, not covered by insurance, of cancer patients.    The foundation often pays for travel costs to get the patients to their chemo or radiation treatments and even for motel rooms and rent for those requiring extensive treatment.   You can learn more about the foundation at  
Bradleigh had to organize the DECA event, seek donations, and plan educational sessions for the girls at the high school.  I enlisted the generosity of my siblings and 4th Day sisters with the suggestion their donation might be a way to support my sister-in-law, Dena, recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was a great event and I'm bursting with pride about Bradleigh's involvement.  Here's a link to watch the interview from KLEW TV:

Be prepared to see a lot of pink in the following pictures:

 Sixteen teams signed up, involving over 90 students and a handful of brave teachers.

Karen, the official photographer for the DECA scrapbook, took a lot of pictures and I got her to sit still for just a minute to get one of mother and daughter together.
This team - all seniors, named themselves "Itsy Bitsy Spiker."  They came very close to winning the event, but were eliminated by the Half Staff in the final round.

This is a picture of the auction table that John ended up "guarding" while the matches were being played.  

This is a picture of an adorable young person named Kayla.  She came to the door prize table several times, eyeing a lovely pink necklace.  She probably had 5 tickets in her little hand and her numbers were never drawn.  My son-in-law, John, was charged with “guarding the prizes” so he and Kayla had several interactions throughout the night.  When one of his numbers was drawn he invited Kayla over to pick out a prize and her face lit up when he handed her the pink necklace.  Her mom told me she chose it to give to her great grandma who has breast cancer!  Just the sweetest story ever!

Great job, Bradleigh, on your DECA Community Service Project

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