Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My heart runneth over....

The events of the past weekend filled my heart to overflowing.  That's what happens when I spend time with my sisters and this year, with a sister in law and niece!  It's a bit of a challenge to clear the calendars of seven women and set aside time to reconnect as a family.  Once Paul agreed to watch the kids, Maureen felt free to book her flight from Denver and spend two days with us.  Connie considered staying away because of a sinus infection, but the rest of us begged her to come - she even brought masks to wear, but the doctor-wanna-be's said she was not contagious.  Karen graciously opened lodge-like home to us and we settled in on Friday night with wine and a home-cooked meal.  Lots of talking, lots of remembering wore us out and I think we were all in bed by 9:30!  This is what Maureen and I awoke to early Saturday morning:

Karen's home has a total 360 view of Moscow Mountain, the city, and other mountain ranges far in the distance.  Just absolutely gorgeous!

Shortly after Dena and Jill arrived we brought out the sunshine basket we'd prepared for Dena.  She shared the challenges of her illness, which brought us to tears most of the time, but touching all the things in the sunshine basket brought lots of smiles to her face and joy into our hearts.
 We first presented her with a prayer shawl, knitted by Marilyn, and blessed by her prayer shawl ministry group!  We prayed that Dena would be wrapped in love and cradled in hope by feeling the love and concern knit into every single stitch.
She seemed to love all the soft goods - fuzzy slippers, a fleece blanket, warm fuzzy lounging clothes!

Karen and I met Kim Uhlorn on our hiking trip to Imnaha Falls and she agreed to do a pamper party for us!  Wow, it was awesome!  She did foot detox, hot wax, reflexology, a little Reiki, and full body massages.  My feet never felt so pampered!  Connie's quite sure the Reiki massage took away the inflammation in her sinuses.  Kim spent the whole afternoon pampering us and encouraging us to relax.  She's a self-taught alternative medicine para professional who loves to share her knowledge.    I think this event beat out the sauerkraut making we did last year!

Kim took these pictures before we left for an afternoon hike around Karen's property.

 Then it was time for dinner and home grown potatoes from Karen's garden and
Baked salmon in parchment paper!

We actually spent a lot of time all weekend talking about food!  It's a concern for us because we were raised by a Dad who did not believe in pesticides, white sugar, or white flour.  Our Dad taught us to appreciate real, healthy food and if we couldn't get all the nutrition we needed he insisted we take vitamins and minerals to supplement our diets.  Maureen's job as a stay at home mom involves weekly baking and planning menus that her food-sensitive children can eat.  We're angry at the seed companies who altered wheat seeds way back in the 1970's.  We all read food labels and wonder if gluten causes sinus infections.  And does all processed food include gluten?  What about all the food additives that we can't pronounce?  Those chemicals just can't possibly be good for us.  Our Dad probably would've loved our conversations and happy to add his two cents worth.  
We posed for one last picture before we rushed off for 8 o'clock Mass at St. Mary's.  We took a few moments to bless Dena with the words from my favorite book of prayers by Edward Hays.  
"May this cancer be for us a cause of gratitude,
We who are enjoying the fruits of good health.
As we pray for Dena
May we also thank You
for this fragile gift of health
that we possess.
May peace, grace, and love surround Dena
and an awareness of Your Divine Presence
be a tent of protection during her next surgery."

The entire weekend blessed me and filled my heart to overflowing!
Thank you to my sweet sisters, to Dena, and to Jill.

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