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Summer Hiking
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Reflections on Father's Day

I've been thinking about my Dad today!  One of my earliest memories of him is kneeling at his feet when I prayed for my brothers and sisters.  The little rote prayer got a little sing-songy as new names were added to the list.  God bless Theresa, Marilyn, Carole, Allan, Connie, Joan etc.  We also prayed for Carole's eye to get better.  By the time Don, Karen, and Larry arrived, Dan gave up on me kneeling at this feet and spent time teaching the little kids instead.
This picture was taken when he & Mom celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1995.

I've watched Duane and John become fathers and this generation is much different than my Dad's.  

My Dad was not present, in the delivery room, of any of his 10 children
 John and Bradleigh 7/9/96
Duane and Colin 11/19/2004

I sure my Dad
 Never cooked a meal
or made and decorated a birthday cake!
Or attended a college basketball game
Or rode a bicycle with his family

But my Dad taught me many things.  He was big on saving money.  He encouraged me to open up my own savings account when I started working for my Aunt Johanna.  He listened to my desire to get married when I was 17 and told me, "you never know what might happen in your life - someday you might have to support yourself.  So, at least, get some training at a business college first."  He also taught me to pray, although I don't get on my knees often enough.  I'm kind of a morning person like he was - I like to say my prayers while having my first cup of coffee every morning.  I know my Dad spent many hours in prayer before he went to work everyday because he told me so!  When I was facing the reality of divorce he told me he was praying for me and for Roy, too!  When he got dementia he couldn't carry on a conversation with me, but he could always pray the rosary.
Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in my life - and don't forget - the father in the picture is praying for you!

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