Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kopczynski Family Reunion - Lake Rules, Take a nature walk

This sign hangs in the dining area of Zeke and AnnMarie's home!  We tried to do it all during the week the Kopczynski's gathered at the vacation spot on Payette Lake.
We took nature walks - first hike to Goose Creek Falls, gathering under a tree and one umbrella during a quick rain storm, debating whether to go on!  

Gratefully we didn't go back to the car, because the bridge over the falls was our reward at the end of hike.
We hiked to the secret garden with the kids and they sat still for a few moments for a picture!

Duane, Anne, and I decided to go on a little hike, just 1.9 miles in/out on Saturday.  We found Deep Lake in the hiking book - in the burn area.  Little did we know that meant logs and trees could be covering the trail.  So, not only did we hike, we also hurdled about 200 logs.  We met other hikers coming down the trail who encouraged us to keep going, "Only 170 more logs to hurdle."
 Duane really enjoyed the hiking because we could "see" right through the trees!  As always, the reward of seeing the lake make all the hurdling worthwhile.
As we were taking pictures of the lake, other hikers arrived and we were told they were looking for a place to teach teenagers about survival in the woods.  A director told us each kid would be given a knife, a match, and one slice of bread.  I thought their time would be better spent removing the logs from the trail.  I wonder how those young boys managed because it's been raining ever since.

Duane took this great picture of one of the burned-out trees.

It's the first time Duane and I hiked together and I really enjoyed his encouragement and delight at arriving at the lake.  I hope we can go on more nature walks together.  

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