Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Friday, June 28, 2013

Kopczynski Reunion - Make Memories and eat S'Mores

This year, unlike the past three years, it rained during our Reunion.  We spent two days inside the cabin making memories.  Marilyn brought a sewing machine and Karen organized a group mosaic project.  AnnMarie is expecting Baby#2 in just a few days and Marilyn brought Kennedy a new doll and cradle from a yard sale.  She thought the dolly needed a new blanket, pillow, and special hat.  Connie helped cut out the fabric.  "It's not straight,' she said.  Marilyn always teases me about my perfection that prevents me from starting and finishing projects.  But look how cute it turned out.....

Marilyn decided that all the "girls" in the family needed a crocheted hat - the dolly, the new baby girl, Kennedy, and Mama AnnMarie.  We spent more time shopping for buttons in McCall than she did making all these hats.  
 Holly started the tradition of making a mosaic stepping stone when we gathered at Priest Lake in 2011. 

It's become a family project - this year Dan did most of it.
The butterfuly stone finished and ready for the grout!
The kids also tie-dyed some T-Shirts.  Maureen said Ryan's favorite shirt is the one we did last year.
 PJ made light work of lots of dinosaur origami projects
And everyone worked on the Lego project!
Dale built a big fire every night so we stayed nice and warm as we enjoyed conversation and S'Mores!

Duane took this picture on the night of the super new moon.

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