Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers of my grandchildren

Today I've spent a little time praying for the mothers in my life - especially the mothers of my sweet grandchildren.  Modern mothers have a difficult job - everyday!  I appreciate the gift of these three young people who bring a lot of joy into my life .  If I'd have known it would've been so much fun I would've had my grandchildren first.  I've heard other grandparents say the same thing because we have the time to enjoy the babies, toddlers, and teenagers.  We can do it without the stress of discipline or the worry over homework, manners, and values.  My spiritual director told me my job is to radiate God's love to my grandchildren.  Period!

Karen now faces the challenge of being the mother of a teenager and a quiet, sassy, independent one at that!  Bradleigh is not at all like her mother, who talked on the phone for hours as a teenager.  Karen wanted to be with her friends all the time either via phone or in person.  She chatted all the time about the events of her life.  Bradleigh is content to be home, spending time in her bedroom, just being quiet and avoiding all drama of most of her friends.   I appreciate Karen's patience, love, acceptance and encouragement of her first born child.  Next year she'll experience the pain (already) of sending her on to college.  
Karen faced new and different challenges when Jake was born!  He developed into this smiling, flirting child who charmed everyone!  I remember one Christmas at my Mom's house when all the older girl cousins marveled at his continuous smile.  He also possess great athletic abilities that require "Mom sacrifice time" to take to practice, to give up weekends for tournaments and to agonize when things don't go quite right in a ball game.  Jake is a helper - he puts dirty clothes in the hamper, clears his dishes, and is always ready on time.  Karen's determined to teach him how to cook - he loves to be waited on.  

Anne's career-driven life totally changed in 2004 when Colin entered her life.  When they moved to Idaho in 2006 I thought she was unrealistic in her determination to work only when Colin was in school - maybe two hours a day.  But she did it and still does.  I'm amazed at how patient she is with Colin - always taking extra time to teach and explain things to him.  I know I probably said to my kids, "because I said so."  Her sense of humor and delight in exposing him to lots of events and experiences teaches me that life is to be lived fully.  I'm impressed that he has daily chores and helps a lot with Odie, their dog.   Colin inherited Anne's avid reading ability.  He's already read all the Harry Potter books - some more than once.  She cultivates that reading time and encourages him to get off the computer - a trait he probably inherited from his father.  
Thank you for the greatest gift of my life!  

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