Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

These are the Days of Our Earth

 Last week Colin and all the students from Moscow Charter School entertained audiences with a soap opera spoof, "The Days of our Earth."  Colin's been practicing with the Marimba Band every Monday after school.  He told me his teacher was impressed because "I was the first one to get the soprano part."

The dedicated teacher, Mary Donohoe, hauls these Marimbas to the school every week so the children can practice at the Charter School. Listening to the kids play brought tears to my eyes!  What a dedicated bunch!
Colin's third grade class, dressed as bees!

Duane stopped at the Crocs store at the airport to make sure Colin really fit his role as a Bee!

 There were also Farmers and Native Americans.

And Rainforest People and children thanking "Dirt" for making their lunch.

Dirt made my lunch,
Dirt made my lunch.
Thank you Dirt, thanks a bunch,
For my salad, my sandwich
My milk and my munch 'cause
Dirt, you made my lunch. 

Here's Mother Earth telling the Doctor about her concerns!

Mother Earth and Father Time!
The play, cleverly created by Toni Salerno, taught the students the importance of caring for our Earth.

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