Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

New York City, Day 13

Another beautiful day in this city! Sunday - our day to attend the theatre.  Julia must've attended the "after the wedding reception" party in a bar last night, scheduled to begin at midnight. "It's just too expensive to invite everyone they wanted to the wedding, so I've been invited to join any late going party goers to a bar, to finish off the celebration." The building where she lives, 310 3rd Avenue, is owned by NYU. The University purchased it four years ago after the owners could not sell condo units. The wood floors, tiled bathrooms, granite countertop, high end appliances, make it seem much more like apartment living than dorm living. NYU has no "campus." The dorms and classroom buildings are scattered throughout Manhattan, Gramercy Park area, and Union Square.  Karen and I decided to take the subway to Central Park.  It was a gorgeous spring day and we wandered through the park and enjoyed our walk.
 We watched hundreds of walkers and saw lots of different kinds of T-Shirts - some for breast cancer, some for MS, some for birth defects.  Eventually we asked a walker who told us, "there is a walk every Sunday and you can walk for whatever cause you like."

 Sunday pictures in Central Park
 I love the planter boxes in front of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America - pansies with a few gerbera daisies sprinkled in.

We met up with Julia after her run around lower Manhattan and ate breakfast near the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  
 This looks like an ice cream sundae, but it's really a healthy breakfast of walnuts and yogurt.

 We then made our way to Times Square for an afternoon theatre showing of Roald Dahl's Matilda.

 Pictures in Times Square!  After the show it seemed like a million people were milling around 42nd Street.  Julia left us to head towards her home for music practice for the 7:30 PM Mass at the Church of the Epiphany just two blocks from her home.

 Karen and I walked around looking for a place to eat dinner.  Lots of choices.

 Epiphany Church, 21st and 2nd St., gorgeous stained-glass windows in the entrance to the church.
My heart just swelled with pride and tears came to my eyes as I heard Julia sing in this beautiful church.  The choir director told me after mass, "we love Julia and always let her be our cantor if she comes to this Mass."  As busy as she is, she finds time every week to practice and sing at the Sunday night Mass.  How many college students do that??  Julia shared so much with us - her work life, her relationship with Connie and Garry, her dreams for the future!  It made our time in NYC so much more enjoyable - just being with her and sharing her crazy life.  

 Julia's wall art....
 The Gramercy Dream Team!
Relaxing in her apartment...  She slept on this little couch and gave us her big bed!  Thank you Julia.

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