Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Monday, September 24, 2012

Wednesday Hiking

A little late with this posting, but it's certainly worth remembering.  Last week my sister, Karen, invited me to do a little kayaking by floating a section of the Clearwater River!  Tuesday was a warm day, but quite smoky and we decided to carry out with our plans.   We met for lunch at The River's Edge in Orofino, then headed up river.  Karen had floated this section of the river with Larry and his family so she knew where to pull off and park one vehicle.  I failed to take any pictures of this great event!!!!  We put the kayaks in just above the Greer Bridge, probably about seven miles from Orofino.  It took us about three hours to blow up the NRS inflatable kayaks, launch, float five miles, deflate and pack up the wet kayaks and retrieve the second vehicle.  I'm pretty sure I need a kayak of my own now.  It's so much fun.  The river is low this time of the year, but there were a few rapids that helped speed up our trip.  And I need more practice because I got stuck on top of a big boulder. It felt like five minutes before my rocking back and forth finally eased the kayak off the rock.  Apparently I didn't learn how to navigate the rapids because later I got sideways against a big boulder!  We had to do a lot of paddling, but thoroughly enjoyed the day!  I can't wait to go back next summer - taking the kids and grandkids with me.

I followed Karen to Moscow and spent the night with Colin and Anne while Duane was in Virginia on a business trip.  Anne took Odie to Dog Obedience training and Colin and I practiced his piano lesson.  We played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at least 10 times.  I think it paid off because Georgia, his teacher, told him it was the best she'd ever heard him play!  We also did a little knitting using wooden skewers!  And, Colin invited me to read with him until lights out at 9:30.  What a gift!

I met Karen on Wednesday morning and we joined the LaTreks for a short hike on Moscow Mountain.  Kathy Porter led us to a rustic cabin, more or less open to the public, on land owned by her husband's family.

Previous guests have hauled in mattresses, built bunks, and used up all the firewood!

Look at the foundation - a tree stump!  The door has no locks!  There is no running water or electricity!

But if you have to go, look at the cute A frame outhouse!

We hiked on up the mountain, probably on mountain bike trails, but we saw no other hikers or bikers!

I met Susan, a relatively new resident of Moscow.  We visited about how we learned how to be single again, how we love our grandchildren, and how our Catholic Faith sustains us.  Susan captured another Sister's Moment.

I'm grateful that Karen continues to encourage me to enjoy the great outdoors.  

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