Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Surprises

I was blessed to work in Larry's office today.    There were just a few appointments, one check to post, and lots of time between phone calls so I did a little more work on my archives.  I planned to go through boxes of greeting cards as a way to eliminate some clutter from my closets.

These are the sympathy cards people sent to me when my Mom died!  By the end of the day all the names and personal greetings were cut out of them and now the box is ready to go to the Monastery to be used for new sympathy cards.

First surprise - the thank you notes from Louis Schmidt

I went home for lunch and found the second surprise - the LHS Band leading the Homecoming parade.  Kole gave me a big smile as he walked by and noticed I was taking his picture.  He's on the far left, second row of drummers.  

Third surprise - 2 bucks enjoying the lawn near Larry's office.  

Fourth surprise - getting off work at 3 o'clock and taking time for a little shopping at The Garden Gate!

Fifth Surprise - lovely fall colored Supertunias!

Sixth Surprise - the first grade auction quilt is ready for the borders!

Seventh Surprise - running into Idaho Senate Candidate Dan at the Art Walk this evening.

Eight Surprise - meeting artist Kelsey Grafton visiting with Marcia and Jodi

I'm ending this day of Surprises by Counting my Blessings!

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