Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Day Off

I've never been much of a list maker, but today I wasn't sure where to begin with all the things I wanted to do on a rare Monday off.  So I made a list.  
I know now why people write lists - just to cross things off.  Honestly, it felt good!  And I stayed on task all morning.  My Residential Care Administrator's license expires next month and since I'm still filling in part time at Juniper Meadows I need to get 12 CEU's by October 1st.  I can do it online through Silverchair Learning Centers and I managed to get #7 done today.  Five more to go!

Granola Done!

My walking shoes had not been cleaned since my last blackberry picking trip!
Voila!  Good as new!

I planted tomates for the first time ever!  I wasn't sure I'd have enough sunlight or enough ripening time because the plants didn't go into the ground until July 1st.  Regina told me she freezes her tomatoes and I thought that would be a good idea today because I didn't think I had enough to bother with the added mess of canning.  I picked most of the ripe tomatoes from the O'Shaughnessy garden yesterday and added a few of my own!
My friend, Grace, got a new freezer so she gave me her old one and now I have room for the frozen tomatoes!

I'll just have to remember to thaw them out when I want to make lasagna or spaghetti sauce or tomato basil soup!

 An added bonus!

I spent a little time cleaning out some kitchen drawers and found this lovely card and money amongst my dish cloths.  Oh, my pathetic memory - hadn't even missed the money and it was given to me in January as an honorarium for helping Marcia with a presentation in Pomeroy!

Felt good to get all these projects finished before noon!  

The furniture is dusted, floors are scrubbed and my reward is to do a little blogging.  I'm saving the bike ride until rush hour traffic subsides this evening.  

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