Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Joy of Make Believe

My Mom packed a huge trunk full of clothes and other treasures so it could be shipped to Idaho when she married my Dad in 1945.  The trunk made it's way into the attic of our family home and it became a treasure chest holding dozens of costumes that provided endless hours of entertainment for the Kop kids and our friends who came to visit.  We loved to get dressed up for parades, school programs, Halloween, and summer playtime.

We dressed up with our neighbors, the Dasenbrock's and Boyd's.
One parade Marilyn wore Mom's wedding dress and I borrowed a suit from Ralph Goeckner to be her groom.  Connie and Joan were flower girls!

Maureen and Paul married each other in 2000 and after their wedding I bought a wedding dress and other dress up clothes at St. Vincent dePaul, the best $15 purchase ever!  Bradleigh and I played wedding often when she came to visit.  It was her favorite play thing to do.  It took lots of safety pins to get the dress to fit her.
I found my First Communion veil which we used for a wedding veil.  She liked to look at the pictures in my wedding album.

She also liked to be the bridesmaid!

I passed the dress up clothes on to my sister, Karen, so she could create her own play time with her sweet grand girls, Kennedy and Taylor.
We put Taylor on a stool and created a little magi for these girls today.

Kennedy had her turn at being the bride and Taylor the flower girl.

A million dollar smile along with Grandma's scarves and a thrift store treasure!
Life is good at Grandma's house

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