Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Family Hiking and Biking in McCall

Duane plans to have a 50th birthday hike next year in Colorado.  He intends to take his family hiking to some of his favorite places near Boulder, Colorado, where he once lived.  We searched through  hiking book for a moderate hike that he could call "training for next year."

We settled on Snowslide Lake, a moderate 3.2 mile hike out and back with an elevation gain of 1300ft.  We drove over 12 miles of gravel road only to discover that the creek we needed to cross was a river with no bridge!

So, back to the book we went and settled on an easy hike to Duck Lake.

The views were beautiful and we did enjoy the hike and I encouraged the family to sit on a log that the LaTreks sat on when we hiked in McCall.

I enjoyed the day especially hiking with Colin and Bradleigh and my heart overflowed with joy because they were willing to experience the joy of hiking that I love!

We even found mounds of snow!

On Thursday we planned another hike - this time one we could drive to on the highway, rather than gravel roads.  We chose Hazard Creek Falls, north of New Meadows.  The hike sounded awesome and we hiked across a lovely bridge above Hazard Creek.  We had the hiking book with us and often got the feeling that we were not on the right trail.  Duane discovered at the end of our hike that we should never have crossed the bridge - the hike was directly in front of us.  Oh well, we walked for almost 6 miles on a road, probably used by ATV's or snowmobiles!  Great exercise, no matter what!

Duane, Anne, and Colin also did a little mountain biking, riding the lift chair to the top of Brundage.  They told me the views were spectacular.  Duane said it brought back lots of memories of our skiing days.

These great adventures with my family give me pause and reason to be grateful!

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