Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Friday, September 9, 2016

Lake Quinault

Karen and I stayed in a delightful little town near Lake Quinault on the last night and day of our adventure in the Olympic National Park.  Once again the scenery, the people, and God's creation caused us to pause and be grateful.

More big trees - this the largest Spruce Tree in the park. 

 After viewing the large Spruce tree, we took a short walk around the lake.
 A cozy, old fashioned motel with "thin" towels was our rest stop for the night.  I asked about a refrigerator and the hotel clerk said, "we don't have refrigerators...just trying to save money."  So, no refrigerator or microwave or big screen TV.  But look at the view:
Karen and I sat in the plastic chairs and watched a most glorious sunset.

The next morning we drove to the grand, old Lake Quinault Lodge and had a cup of overpriced coffee, just so we could enjoy the dining room.  I considered booking a room, but it was $452/night and not cancellable.  It was there that a woman kept staring at us and she finally came up to us and told Karen that she loved her hair!  No need to make excuses for going natural any more.  
The back side of the old lodge.

We enjoyed a 4 mile loop hike through another forest and along the lake.  Lots of 'sidewalks! 

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