Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Beaches in the Olympic National Park

The beaches in the Park offered Karen's favorite nature creation - ROCKS!  We spent hours
searching for the perfect round and heart shaped rocks as we walked up and down the beach.  The Washington State beaches have no commercial or private development in the Park.  One cannot even drive up and down the beach.  Rialto Beach is famous for piles of driftwood.  Tourists walk on rocks or small pieces of gravel, not the sand of the Oregon Coast beaches.

With our car loaded with rocks we headed over to LaPush for afternoon tea and home made black and blue cobbler!  Feeling energized we headed over to Forks, our stop for the night, but decided to do a little hiking on the way.  The hike to Beach #4 was delightful, another rain forest experience.  The soft rain did not detract from the beauty of the forest or our enjoyment of the hike.
 The pictures below were taken at Ruby Beach, actually the next day, with the sun shining on all those glorious rocks!

 We left with lots of memories of the beach and bags full of rocks for Karen to paint and ponder!

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