Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Seattle Visit

We experienced much more than just tulips on our visit to Seattle.  Marcia's daughter, Amy, and her family live on Queen Anne Hill in a quaint, historic neighborhood.  It seems like we could've walked to a nearby Trader Joe's.  We picked up some snacks and flowers there before we headed over to Marcia's brother's home, located in a historic district called Capitol Hill.

Ray is an architect and his new project is adding a garage, after digging out the front lawn.  Seattle permit laws required that he install pilings to protect the neighbor's property before he could even begin the garage project.  Ray told Regina, "oh yeah, financially we should've torn the house down and started from scratch."
Marcia told us this tree is the reason Ray and Beth's home is in this particular historic district.  It's so large I could not get a good picture of it in its entirety.  
The Studebakers preserved the historic flavor of their home, by adding gorgeous moldings and saving 
the single pane windows.  
Ray and Marcia's brother, John, helped with the design and installation of the wood paneling and fireplace surround.  Even the light fixtures are new, but fit the period of the home.

There are book shelves everywhere because Ray and Beth are avid readers.
Tucked behind the mirror over the fireplace.
Just taking a shower proved to be quite an experience because this great shower and the heated tile floor.
One the beams are in place Ray plans to install a terrace over the garage roof!  We are going back for the house party celebrating the new garage!

Marcia took us all out to dinner and we had a lovely view of hundreds of fishing boats.

After dinner her granddaughter, Amanda, grabbed the camera and took several great shots!
The entire group - she jumped over a half wall to get us all in!
Regina and Amy
Tyler concentrating on his book
A couple of Selfies

We attended daily Mass at St. Ann's on Wednesday and then treated ourselves to some great Seattle Coffee, brioche, and croissants at Le Reve Bakery, owned by a friend of Amy's.  

The art work in the bakery are student projects that will be auctioned off at the school's fundraiser in May.  Marcia helped Amanda's class each make a 4x4 pastel rendering of an apple.  
Other student art projects

We saw lots of views of the Space Needle going back and forth between Ray and Amy's homes.  The spring day made the water of Lake Union sparkle and I didn't even mind the traffic. I thought about the possibility of my granddaughter, Bradleigh, living in Seattle if her dream of attending Seattle University in the fall comes true.  The O'Shaughnessy's are attending an open house this weekend.  Text message, "We liked SU, but Bradleigh LOVED it.  Now we have some serious decisions to make."  Bradleigh might just follow her Kopczynski cousins to this lovely city!

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