Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hiking at Chief Timothy State Park

I missed an opportunity to hike with the Lewiston group today because I needed to finish my taxes and get them E-filed.   The lovely day beckoned me to get outdoors so I headed to Chief Timothy State Park.  The park is not open and is one of those that may not be because of budget constraints but walkers are able to walk around the gates, over the bridge, and into the park.  I noticed a sign that encouraged dog walkers to dispose of their pet waste so I think people have discovered a great place to walk their dogs.

I did not have my camera with me, but when I saw this I pulled out my phone!
 Some kind of birds have been busy building a nest atop this pole
I turned around and notice two large birds just resting in this tree.  Are they eagles?
A gorgeous view of the river.  Why do I drive for hours and even take trips to other countries when we have such beautiful views just minutes from my home?  The park is on an island and one never sees this section of the river from Highway 12.  
The dams on the lower Snake created Lower Granite Lake and made Lewiston and Clarkston inland port cities.  I noticed lots of branches and sagebrush littering the park.  I've never thought about how much maintenance is involved in keeping a state park ready for camping and picnicking.  The fees we've paid have been minimal considering all the work that must be done.  I've heard other people lament, "just keep the parks open and we'll pay high fees just to enjoy the outdoors."  

There is a Mama bird atop this nest - one can barely see her white head.  I doubt it's an Eagle, but fascinating anyway.  I'm quite amazed that my "dumb" phone took such great pictures!

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