Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

After Christmas Celebration at the Kuhlmanns

The thoughts occurred to me on Christmas Day:  "I don't have to work tomorrow, I have no commitments, I have free time, the driving weather is perfect, I could drive to Spokane."  Those thoughts became new little Christmas packages for me, just waiting to be opened for new experiences.  I'd get to visit with Joan, Marilyn, and Don - more Kopczynski time!

Dan's family tradition is to go bowling the day after Christmas and Marilyn and I went just to watch.  Judy Kuhlmann's parents operated a bowling alley for years and the Kuhlmann boys all bowled on leagues and the next generation spent a lot of time at the bowling alley. Some of those younger kids are great bowlers.  But the best part of that day was being with Carter - Marilyn's grandson.  He's walking and smiles at everyone, including the camera.  Here are some great shots of that little peanut:
Bowling with Dad!
Proud Grandpa Dan
Loving Grandma Marilyn
Doting Uncle Justin
Amazed Aunt Theresa
Carter loves to eat and we listened while he babbled, but decided his new word for the week was "Mine."  Amanda added this word to her list of words he's mastered.  Did he learn the word at Day Care?  He's smart enough to know what it means!
Saying Goodbye to Great Uncle Rick!
Dan and Marilyn appreciated the special time Carter had at Grandma's house!  It took an hour to get their car loaded with all the special gifts.  Hank, the dog, barely fit into his space in the back seat.   We were feeling a little sad after they all left and decided we needed to get involved in a project.  I have a strong desire to start a knitting again and asked Marilyn to find some black yarn for me.  Well, one thing lead to another and we spent hours trying to get her yarn, patterns, needles, and current projects organized.  We drove to Staples for some organizers and Marilyn made her New Year's resolution to get organized.

I found the black yarn and started my first stained glass prayer shawl intending to use up all those skeins of yarn that people had given to me over the years.
It seems a prayerful way to begin 2014

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