Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Annual Cookie Baking

It's such a Grandma thing - baking Christmas cookies with the little kids.  I remember my Grandmother spending a whole day at our house while Mom piled her white sugar or ginger cookies on our kitchen table.     I remember it being a day of so much fun..frosting, sprinkles everywhere.  Mom let us all help decorate the cookies.  She then packed them in a 10-gallon tin and set it in the corner of the un-insulated attic to keep them fresh.  Mom baked and made lots of sweet treats back in the 1950's.  I'm sure the ingredients were cheap and Mom's loving touch made every cookie special for the recipients.

I've enjoyed these cooky baking days with my own grandchildren.  Duane and Colin helped me on Sunday wrestle the sticky cookie dough into a ball and then into stars, trees, and bells.

Colin needed to use a lot of flour to keep the dough from sticking to the mat and some made it's way to his shirt!  We even tried to use a fancy tip to make designs on the cookies.
Sweet Success

 It was not all work - Colin challenged Anne and Duane to a doubles game of Ping Pong, with Grandma as his partner.  I haven't played Ping Pong for years and thoroughly enjoyed having Colin as my partner.  I think he and Duane play frequently and he has a good sense of the game and knows the rules….  I think we won!
We also attended a Pullman Civic Theatre play called the Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  Miss Heidi's son and daughter were in the play.  The story taught the audience the true meaning of Christmas and encouraged us to reach out to naughty welfare children and quit being so judgmental of others.   The actors and costumes were outstanding.  I loved it! 
Colin was eager to give me an early Christmas gift already under the tree.  Earlier in December he had the opportunity to do a little shopping on his own and he found this beautiful angel Christmas stocking for me.  I now have a fireplace and I have my own Christmas stocking.  I'm so grateful for the special love of a grandchild.  That's the only Christmas gift I need.

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