Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hiking Fish Creek Meadows, NezPerce National Forest

It was a perfect day to leave the hot temperatures of the valley and drive to Grangeville - guaranteed to be at least 10 degrees cooler.  Twelve brave souls packed lots of water and drove seven miles past Grangeville on the road that also goes to Snowhaven, the local skiing and tubing hill.

The trails begin at this pavilion, which we hoped would be free for us to enjoy our lunch after the hike.

These hikers are serious about getting to their destination so I rarely stop to take pictures because I have to balance my poles, get the camera out, yada yada.  But, I did manage to take a picture of some Indian Paint Brush.
We also found huckleberries!  I'm quite sure I picked berries in this area when I was a child.  Mom and Dad were not campers, nor did they spend much time outdoors unless it was working in the garden.  But they both loved to pick huckleberries and we spent every Sunday in late July and early August picking berries near Fish Creek Meadows.  I don't know if there if there were hiking trails and campsites there in the l950's.  All I cared about was getting the silver dollar my Dad promised me if I'd pick a bucket full.  Gosh, it took a long time and I tried to be careful so I wouldn't spill the precious berries.

Donna, a new friend who moved here from Arizona didn't mind lagging behind because she was determined to pick enough berries for muffins.  I told her picking berries was a separate trip to Grangeville, but she never gave up and I'm sure those muffins were worth the effort!

The multi-use trails lead us to a Cross Country Ski Cabin and Marie said people truly use it in the wintertime.

Our hiking guides told us we were looking  at the Gospel Mountains or was it Buffalo Hump?  
Who cares the name of the view - it's just awesome and worth the tired feet!

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