Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 17th Birthday Bradleigh

How could Bradleigh be 17 years old, already?  We enjoyed a nice, quiet, and cool lunch at Rooster's Landing today.  I found it heartwarming and special to spend time with her.  She's definitely comfortable in her own introverted, no-teenage drama skin.  I did not know the best thing about being 17 is being able to go to an R-rated movie without an adult.   She saw"Heat" last night and I asked her if the F-word language so prevalent in the movie is really the way people talk.  "No, grandma, they just add it to the movie to sell more tickets."  Good to know.  She chatted about whether or not to play volleyball, how to figure out the Canadian money exchange, and the anticipation of her trip to France next spring.   Ah, the perspective of life in the eyes of a 17 year old - so refreshing, yet wise.  For example, there's an app for money exchange - our $1.00 is $1.05 Canadian.  She's curious about all kinds of things Canadian because her family is traveling to Vancouver at the end of the month for their summer vacation.

Her Mom and Dad surprised her with tickets to a Justin Timberlake Concert while they are in Vancouver!  Duane and I gave her some left-over Euros from our recent trips to use while she's in France.

A favorite Bradleigh frown!
Her friend and neighbor, Katie, enjoyed the birthday party with us!
These two have been BFFs and neighbors for 10 years!
I had my IPAD with me today so she could help me get the Instagram app installed on it.  There was no WiFi at Roosters so we sat outside Starbucks while she patiently figured it out.  "You already have it, Grandma.  Now it's loading."  She thought she helped me with it at Christmas time.  Of course I couldn't remember my username or password.....  I finally told her she didn't have to hold my hand through the whole process.  I thanked her and asked if she ever wondered what her grandkids might have to show her when she's my age.  She responded,  "I just know that it's important for me to keep up on all kinds of technology so that doesn't happen to me."  

Bradleigh, you are the love of my life....

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