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Summer Hiking
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Remembering Margie Goodall

Some phone calls are just not easy to make or to receive.  My sweet brother, Larry, made a dozen phone calls to notify our siblings that our Mom had died in a traffic accident.  Yesterday he called to tell me his mother in law, Margie, died suddenly.  He could barely get the words out while his sweet family huddled together in disbelief.  Today, I, too am overwhelmed with grief.  And I have some questions! Why Margie?  It's Bob, her husband, who has the health problems.  I could hardly find any comfort, even in my morning prayer time.  But then I read a commentary on the gospel which tells the story of finding Jesus in the Temple.  We call this event one of the Joyful Mysteries when Catholics pray the Rosary.  But it could've easily have been a Sorrowful Mystery - the agony of searching for a child.  The author suggested that joy and sorrow are inseparable.  So, then I thought about my own Mom, perhaps welcoming Margie into heaven.  There is some joy in knowing these strong and loving women have no more suffering in their lives and will be available to help the rest of us continuing to muddle through here on earth!  But for now, it's the sorrow that consumes me.

I wished I'd taken a picture of Margie last week when we celebrated Kaitlyn's high school graduation, but I did find this one taken on April 13, 2008, when Kammryn made her First Communion.  Margie was a strong and beautiful woman that often saved the world of Holly's family.  She might as well have been living there because there were not many days since those Kopczynski babies started arriving that Margie was not there for them. Not only did she take care of the children, but she took care of the menagerie of animals that also lived in the Kopczynski home.  I think she even adopted a kitten a two over the years.

When I moved back to the Valley  in 1999 I lived in Clarkston and every day during the school year I saw Margie leading children across 5th Street.  She took her job as a crossing guard seriously.  All those children were safe in her caring hands.  I looked forward to her waves and smiles as I drove to my job at Juniper Meadows.  She touched people by her caring attitude - young and old!

Margie was a humble woman, free of all pride and presumption!  Her goal in life seemed to be loving and caring for her family.  She loved those grandkids so unconditionally.  I sat with her last Friday night and listened as she talked about Kole when he played in the Jazz Band at a recent dance at the Elks.  Nothing made her more proud than telling those grandkids how special they were.    Even famous musicians have not received such glowing affirmation.  She gave up her own desires over the years for holiday celebrations in Lewiston to be with her Dad in Weippe, who wanted to celebrate holidays in his home.  She devoted her life to her dad, Ken, to her husband, Bob, and her girls, Lanette and Holly, and then the grandkids.

Larry just sent this picture via Email - it speaks volumes for the love Margie had for Kaitlyn.  

The lyrics of the song The Rose remind me of the way Margie loved and lived her life.  She gave love unconditionally, never afraid her heart would break.  The flower of her love nourished the Kopczynski kids from the moment they were born.  There will be some lonely nights ahead for this sweet family, but the seeds of Margie's love will sustain them and give them the courage to pick up the pieces of a life never the same without her.

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