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Summer Hiking
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday John

Yesterday was John's 46th Birthday!  He spent all day driving back and forth from Ellensburg to watch Jacob participate in a school archery tournament.  He said his mom's card was right on following all that sitting yesterday.  The card that read on the outside, "remember what life was like before my back hurts, my shoulder aches, and my knees don't work right?"  Inside, "Life was just a pain in the ass."  This mother-in-law asserts that John sacrificed his birthday and his back to stand proud when his son hit the bull's eye! I've always enjoyed his adventure stories with Jacob.  Sometimes they take a big metal magnet and drive down to the river and pull up the most incredible treasures -- bicycles, guns, metal boxes, coins, fishing gear!  Jack, John's Dad, obviously enjoys the adventure stories and this year wanted to make sure John and Jake were prepared for the worst...  bear spray!

Look at this proud daughter who made this yummy two layer cake!!

And she made sure the candles were the tricky kind - he had to extinguish them with his fingers.

In 2009 we also enjoyed pizza, but John let Colin help him blow out the candles.

The best gift was a mother chicken that sang a cute song and then pooped out colored eggs!  Mamma Delores knows kids of every age need toys to make them smile on their birthday!
I'm proud of a son-in-law who makes a big deal about new socks!  He's such a good story teller and told about a time when the men he was with had their shoes off.  He noticed that everyone was wearing the same socks.  So, he asked his friends, "when was the last time you bought socks for yourself?  Probably never, because we are all wearing identical socks that our wives bought at Costco!" 

Happy Birthday to a great man I'm proud to call my Irish Son-in-Law!!

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