Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas, 2016

It seems to me that it takes weeks to get ready for Christmas and once the day has past the wonderful memories fade away all too quickly.  There are a few pictures between those I took and the ones Duane and Anne take that I can document another great Christmas.  I'm always a little sad after New Year's probably because I don't want the feelings of love, hope, and gratitude to fade...  So before I put all my Christmas decorations and cards away I'm going to treasure these sweet moments!

We made Christmas cookies in Moscow, always a treat for me, because we make Grandma Kopczynski's white Christmas cookies and chocolate mint sandwich cookies, one of Duane's favorite!

After a busy day of baking we drove to Pullman to watch the Nutcracker Ballet!

Anne and Duane call this Colin's tree.  They bought a live tree in 2006, the first Christmas on Itani Drive, when Colin was just two years old.  Now he's 12 and the tree is so tall they can't get lights on the top anymore. 

Marcia, Regina, and I had coffee one morning and opened a special gift from our friend, Marcia, who moved to Pocatello in October.  We miss her while walking, having coffee, and drinking wine!  Whenever Marcia travelled anywhere she brought gifts back for each of us and even when she's miles away she continues to surprise us with little gifts!  We love you, Marcia, and miss you every day.

We had beautiful, amazing snow on Christmas Eve!

Karen and John hosted us for our family dinner and gift exchange and Bradleigh surprised us all by making Tom and Jerry Batter!  Grandpa Roy's family always made this batter and it remains a family favorite, especially on cold days.

We draw names for a simple gift exchange and this year everyone liked the idea of purchasing a T-Shirt for another person.  The surprise and opening of the gifts gave way to lots of smiles.  Who knows if we'll ever find occasion to wear the shirts???  This Grandma loves the idea of the simple exchange and no stress.  

Mine, more than a T-shirt, but a favorite because of my beloved basketball team and doing well this year, I might add!!!

One picture, worth a thousand words!!!

A gorgeous Christmas Day in Moscow.  Colin opened his favorite gift, inline skates and then wore them around the house most of the day.
 I could not resist the amazing snow and blazed a trail through the back yard!   We gad a nice dinner and even enjoy a sci-fi movie called "Passengers" at the local theatre.  

Paul Gaeke sent me this picture of the kids wrapped in the blankets I sent to them for Christmas.  

I love this picture of Colin wearing a thrift store tie from 2015 Christmas gift exchange.  He dresses up for Hockey games this year.  

And Anne wore the Christmas stockings for day-after Christmas Party.

 Sun shining on Moscow Mountain at the end of the lovely Christmas Day.

Jack and Regina Sullivan invited me to go with them to a Gonzaga Basketball game just a few days after Christmas and I stayed nice and warm in my new Gonzaga sweatshirt that John gave me!  Zags beat Pepperdine, but it wasn't their best game ever.  However, we enjoyed the game and the drinks at Jack and Dan's after the game.  Thank you dear friends for the wonderful time.

Still snow on the ground outside, but inside is so warm the red twig dogwood is starting to bud out!!
Time to put things away and concentrate on another great year.  

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