Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Monday, October 17, 2016

Baby love

I don't have many pictures to share, but so many words come to my mind as I reflect on our special time with Gus, Mackenzie, and their precious baby, McKinley.
We all took turns holding this precious gift and the parents were generous in giving us all the time we needed to experience the joy of a family baby.


Grandma Karen

How can one describe the feeling of holding a baby?  A new life always fills me with hope - hope that our world is a good place and a child with loving parents will thrive, bloom, and grow into a person who also thinks the world is filled with love and goodness.  
Karen gifted the parents with a Sequoia Tree from the National Park.  Like McKinley, with the right conditions, the tree will grow strong and tall like the one we admired on our trip.

Karen loved to tell the story about this quilt that was made by Gus's grandma, Bertha.  Apparently at some point after Karen left home, our Mom took Karen's blue junior prom dress apart and cut it up into 4" squares and made several baby quilts with the fabric - all polyester!  The quilt has sentimental value, but will probably last through hundreds of washings and still be good for the next generation!
Dena's gifts, all wrapped up with net in a pink wagon, were a big hit.  She filled the wagon with soft toys, teething rings, pink dress and white boots and hat, among many other useful gifts!
Mackenzie told me she thought McKinley inherited the Kopczynski ski jump nose. Welcome to the extended family, sweet baby!

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