Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

McWessels Pickle Making

Anne and Duane embrace the idea of canning pickles.  First year, too salty, last year perfect.  Anne likes to research the perfect recipes!  We are both stunned by the pickles my cousin, Miriam, makes from cucumbers grown in horse watering troughs in her yard in Seattle.

 Miriam told Anne she canned 120 quarts in 2013; only 20 in 2014, and 44 quarts so far this year.  Even she has resorted to buying cucumbers this year.  
 We used a combination of Aunt Mary's recipe and my sister, Karen's. 
White vinegar and canning salt.  
 Colin and Duane washed all the cucumbers, most from WinCo, some from the Farmer's Market, and a few from Karen's garden.  We estimated that we purchased about 30 pounds of cucumbers.  
My sister, Connie, and Anne's friends, Amie and Micah, came to help. Everyone had a job, peeling garlic, cutting dill heads, stuffing jars, boiling brine, timing the canner.  
Anne's friends, Brit and Erik, lend us their portable propane "stove" and the water boils so quickly.  We set it up in the garage this year and all jars were sealed by 1 PM.  We made seven batches of brine and ended up with 24 quarts and 15 pints.  Stay tuned... the real test happens at the end of October when we do the first taste test!
There will be several jars for all the helpers and gifts that Anne and Duane like to give at Christmas time.  And next year Anne and Duane have their very own canning kettle since I forgot to bring mine up to Moscow.  We had a great time and shared lots of memories of all the canning my Mom did.  Perhaps I can add some pickled beets and Elberta Peaches to their shelves later this week.  A happy way to end August!

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