Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Family Fun

I started writing this blog as a way to capture memories.  I guess I've gotten a little lazy in remembering to take pictures of all the wonderful events I experience.  I often rely on snagging a few of Duane's great pictures from Flickr!  He enjoys taking pictures and I get to relax and enjoy the moments instead of fussing with my camera.
This picture captures the family who contributed to all kinds of fun and memories at Zeke and AnnMarie's vacation home in McCall.  We older siblings think it's important to provide family memories for Maureen's children, who never knew our parents, Stan and Bertha.  We crammed a lot of eating, talking, rock painting, water skiing, hiking, sleeping, and FFF into the week.
I like to get up early and sit on the deck and enjoy the quiet!  This year we had a little rain, but it did not damper our fun.  The lake early in the morning gives me a sense of peace and tranquility.
We always have a project to work on....Dan did most of the finish work on the 2015 stepping stone.
But we all painted a few rocks -- it was a great rainy day project in the garage.  
Ryan and Grace, taken on our annual walk through the beautiful gardens.

Lots of fun on the water.  AnnMarie  encouraged these little peanuts to ski!  I was in my 30's before I had the courage to try it.

Ann Marie, the teacher, everyone loves to watch her on the water!

Grace and I joined Karen and Maureen on the kayaks!  We were stopped by the water sheriff because the adults were not wearing life preservers.  They gave Grace a T-Shirt for her compliance.  I pretended stupidity and said, "is a kayak considered a boat?"  The sheriff's boat followed us all the way home, just to make sure we were safe!  Actually quite a nice learning experience.
Jake, by now a master on the paddle board.
Paul, Ryan, and PJ making their way through the water.  
Duane rented a jet ski, which added to the water fun!
We played "A Minute to Win it" by forming teams and challenging each other.  

Each challenge brought lots of laughter from those watching

One of the best things about a family reunion is watching the children play with each other, sometimes in the hammock, sometimes in the hot tub, sometimes in the house looking at the IPAD, or building with LEGOS and playing Heads Up or Liar's Dice.

Heads Up, Charades
Kids loved the hot tub - more like a swimming pool for them.

A nice fire, with Smores every night, brought a lovely close to every day!

Lots of precious Grandma time!

Thank you Zeke and AnnMarie for another wonderful time in McCall.  Your generosity gives us precious time together!  

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