Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bradleigh's Graduation Party

Bradleigh wanted to celebrate the week before graduation so she could go to the parties of all her friends.   Grandma Delores spent hours on the memory board and surprised her with this lovely banner.

Grandmas helped make salads, deviled eggs, and fruit pizza.  I loved the cute cake pops that Karen's co-worker, Paula, made to surprise Bradleigh.
 Karen took the picture on the left the first day of Kindergarten and Bradleigh re-created it recently with her first back pack!

 Cousin Riley.             I took this picture of Jake and Karen to prove he is now taller than his Mom.

 Great Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Dan came from Spokane to celebrate!
 Guests Orie & Lisa Kaltenbaugh, Karen, and Paul MacKay.

Grandma Delores, Aunt Kathy and Great Aunt Betty Witters.  The tables were covered with white linen and decorated with black and red napkins, the school colors.  I told Bradleigh this party looked more like a wedding reception than a graduation party.  She totally agreed!  I overheard John say to Jacob, "when you graduate,  we are taking all your friends to MacDonalds because this is just too much work."
I thought it was so worth it because Bradleigh engaged with all the guests, welcomed them, and explained her plans for next year.  I got to brag a little about her DECA team that won third place in the National competition for their community service presentation on "Spike for the Cure."  She still has the dream of going to Seattle University, but will take core classes at the Clarkston branch of Walla Walla Community College, work a little, save some money, and spend time thinking about a career.  I'm proud of her accomplishments and grated for the gift that she's been in my life!

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