Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hiking in Lake Havasu

Karen and Dale have sent pictures over the years about all their great hikes near their winter vacation home.  I packed some gear including my hiking poles!  They stuck out of my backpack in the airport and I prayed I would not hit someone with them.    Their tales of SARA's Crack piqued my interest and I couldn't wait to hike in this beautiful canyon.

One of the more famous of the lower Colorado River slot canyons – one that offers an engaging three-mile one-way hike – is the SARA (Special Activities Recreation Area) Park Wash Crack in the Wall just south of Lake Havasu City.  Called simply “The Crack,” this slot canyon is formed by a drainage that has carved its way through mountains then snaked around ridges, emptying into Lake Havasu. 

The canyon narrows to an arm’s-width.  It opens into a small amphitheater, then narrows again, tumbling down a series of dry falls into The Crack.  Except for a seven-foot dry fall, you can, with care, readily negotiate most of the drops.  If the seven-footer causes a problem, you can get around The Crack on an upper route, but you will have to return to the large cairn and take the path that ascends the ridge. 

 Hiking on rocks presented challenges not found in the forest.  So glad I'd packed my hiking poles!  The ladder surprised Karen because she's had to slide down this rock in the past!  I appreciated the ladder although not sure how stable it was.  We both made it down just fine.

I didn't get a picture of the 80' Lizard, formed by rocks, but here's a great little video of this entire hike and what you can see from the top!   

Yeah!  Time to rest!
 My own picture of the picnic table!
We met up with Dale near the top and thank God he showed up because I never would've made it down without his help, encouragement, and advice.  Today I read that this hike is strenuous - no wonder my muscles ached for days!!!
Our victory photo!!!

The exhilaration I feel after a strenuous hike make me determined to do a little training and get my body in better condition.  I've walked in the morning for almost 30 years, but admitted to myself and my walking friends I did not like hills.  I'm now convinced climbing hills increases my heart rate and provides a little aerobic exercise.  Since being back home I've walked up 14th Street a couple of times and found out the reward of a gorgeous view of our valley from the top of that hill.  Who knew?

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