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Summer Hiking
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Congratulations, Dan and Jean

My friend, Jean, married her "sweets" Mr. Dan on Saturday, September 7th

Family and friends packed St. James Church.  Joy and love surrounded this couple who invited half the world to their wedding.  Everyone was included, from relatives in the Philippines to god-children from Texas.  The Johnson relatives arrived from Louisiana, Texas, and Wisconsin.  I felt so much joy as Jean's nieces walked down the aisle, each with one of Jean's grandchildren in tow, including 6-month-old, baby Henry Kaufman. 

Kate Eddy came several times to visit her "pretend" grandparents, Dan & Marilyn
The Veil and Cord Ceremony, a Filipino tradition, clothed Dan and Jean in Unity and the cord binds them for life.  Christabel, Jean's cousin, brought her veil from the Philippines to be used today.

The choir sang Wherever You Go, I Shall Go, at the presentation of the Gifts!
 The entire church broke into major applause as Father Les introduced Mr. and Mrs. Dan Johnson. 
Jean and Dan put a lot of thought into this special celebration.  It took the whole family and the Catholic Community to decorate, orchestrate, sing, and share in the joy of this day.

Hailey, Lauren, Amy, Gloria, Jean, Jen, Sidney, and Tancie - Jean's family

Jean and I spent a Sunday afternoon with a glue gun decorating over 50 jars that held wheat and flowers from Dawn Wittman's garden.  
 Marcia, Regina, and I found cupcake recipes on Pintrest and decorated 150 of them the morning of the wedding.  Regina made Raspberry Lemon and Marcia made Cherry Chip.

Jean told me she and Dan took a quick dance lesson from Kathryn Claussen just a week before the wedding.  The band, the Kingpins, did not know how to play the song, L-O-V-E, by Nat King Cole, but had a CD and Dan and Jean nailed their first dance!

Jean chose Marcia and me to give the bride's toast and Marcia asked people to look around and notice how inclusive Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have been.  Guests included family, friends, work and church communities, and political acquaintances. They invited over 750 people to this wedding and everyone enjoyed the food, the music, and the cupcakes!   I asked the guests to bless this sweet couple:

We’ve known each other for 12 years.  Our friendship grew over Sat morning coffee at Sage Bakery, walks around Normal Hill, and suppers of Salsa Corn Chowder at Tomato Bros. 

We never dwelled on our single again status, but looked at our lives as a time of new beginnings, a time filled with hope.  Sometime, over coffee, she said to me, “I’m ready for a new dream because my girls completed college, got married, and have their own families.  So, Dan, became her new dream and I, once again, see her life filled with hope.

Here they stand, Jean and Dan, hand in hand,
They’ve just exchanged wedding bands.
Today is a day of new dreams and new plans…

And all us, their loved ones, are here to say
God bless this couple who marry today!

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