Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Taylor's Baptism

My heart filled with the joy of anticipation when my sisters invited me to drive with them to McCall for Taylor's baptism.  The invitation was bittersweet because AnnMarie's family was to be the guests at the cabin, but her Mom, Nora, came down with an E-coli infection.  So Karen, Connie, and I were the support grannies of this great event.  

We began our weekend with dinner at the Shore Lodge.  Kennedy came running toward Karen when she first spotted her on the deck.  I remember those moments with my own grandchildren - nothing better than the open arms of welcome from a child!    Kennedy's learned how to take care of her dolls from watching AnnMarie care for Taylor.  We grannies had a lot of fun playing with Kennedy, carrying her dollies, and preparing food in her special kitchen.  I even learned how to stand in line, according to her directions.  
I took this little video to capture Kennedy's sweet voice and delightful giggles.

This precious baby Taylor got to wear the same Baptismal gown that her mother and sister wore for their baptisms.  AnnMarie beamed when she said, "my mom protected the dress so well, it's still white and hasn't turned yellow."

Ann Marie got a little choked up before the baptism, just thinking about the empty space created by her mother's absence.  

Father Steve blessed her with lots of water and she did not even peep!
The proud god-parents, Jim Kaus and Julia Esser.

The floral arrangements caught Kennedy's attention!
The sweetest girls ever, now all beloved children of God!

 Karen insisted on the God-Mother picture.  She is Julia's godmother!
And look at this sweet Grandma picture!  
Our sweet Taylor entertained us with her stretches, coos, and wiggles!  What a precious child.  I wrote this little blessing prayer in honor of her special day.  

Lord, surround precious Taylor
with the fullness of your love
 Lead her in your light each day
 Smile down on her
 with the your gracious mercy and kindness
 Touch her heart
 with grace and goodness
 Teach her to trust your wisdom
 with a faith forever new
 Enfold her in your tender care
 today, August 10, 2013, and always

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