Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kacie's graduation from Nursing School

I attended the "Pinning" Ceremony yesterday for the BSN graduates from Lewis Clark State College.  It was a joyous occasion, filled with emotion, relief, anticipation, and ecstatic GNs (Graduate Nurses).  They all have the huge hurdle of passing their state boards ahead of them and will be reviewing 3500 questions that could be on that test before they can officially put the letters RN behind their name.    Shannon Rauch, chosen by her peers, addressed fellow nurses, faculty, and others in the audience with wise words, including, "be patient with these students the next few weeks as they prepare for the State Boards."  My friend, Kacie Bramell, an employee of Juniper Meadows, walked among her peers and received her pin from her mother.   Kacie's worked on this degree for five years, often filled with anxiety before tests and clinical experiences at various care facilities in town.  It's quite an accomplishment because she continued to work throughout the college experience, one year winning an Emeritus scholarship for her efforts!
When Kacie saw me come into the lobby at Valley Christian Center she came over and gave me a big hug, thanked me for coming and said, "I think I'm going to cry..I'm so happy you are here."  That's the kind of nurse I want taking care of me when I'm frail and afraid! She makes every resident at Juniper Meadows smile when she joyfully greets them and tells them how much she's missed them!  Jodi, her supervisor, continues to teach and train Kacie by giving her auditing responsibilities.  She's also included her in assessments and writing care plans and negotiated service agreements.  Someday she'll come back to work with the elderly, but for now we have to let her experience acute care in a hospital setting.  In the meantime we benefit from her happy spirit, her contagious smile, and caring attitude.  When I got called back to work at Juniper Meadows recently, she made a point to tell me how happy she was to see me - she has that ability to make people feel special, probably the best quality a registered nurse can have!!!!  

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