Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Friday, April 14, 2017

LaTrek's Annual Riggins Hiking Trip

I've always enjoyed hiking with the Moscow women's hiking group, the LaTreks, and this year I
invited my friends, Alyse and Jaymi, to join me. We drove to Riggins and all 22 of us eagerly exited our cars and began the glorious hike up the Rapid River trail.  We packed our lunches and enjoyed an 8.2 mile hike up and back along the river.  The sounds of falling water delighted us as well as many wildflowers and even some bird feathers.  I've learned that there are many modes of hiking, from "fast, let's keep going," to "oh please stop so we can sip some water or take a few pictures."  Alyse and Jaymi both like to keep going!  And they don't mind being alone, preferring the more quiet, contemplative hiking.  I like visiting with the Moscow ladies, although it's quite challenging to hear conversations with the roaring river close by.   We enjoyed a great day with no rain and were able to set up our happy hour on the patio of the Salmon River Rapids hotel.

Becky organized the hikes and took her responsibility seriously to make sure we were all safe and accounted for before we left for the hotel.

Anne Wann took this picture after lunch.  Back row:  Charlotte, Chris, Becky, Helen, Toni, Alyse, Christine, Jaymi, Linda.  Front row:  Elizabeth, Irene, Theresa, and Mary Jo.  Some ladies turned around before we got to this point in the hike.
I love hiking behind Christine - she takes baby steps climbing hills and always says, "we're almost there."
 Anne and  Charlotte
 Irene and Charlotte
I snagged the flower pictures from Mary Jo's facbook post.  These are buttercups and trillium!

The second day we hiked the Wind River Trail, opting out of the Bullion Mine trail and it's many switchbacks.  The trail followed the river and was quite wet and surrounded by foliage.  We did not let the 80% prediction of rain stop us and actually we made it in and out with barely a drizzle!
Becky, Mary Jo, Chris, and Irene

These ladies are making the final ascent to our snacking spot!
We were laughing because none of us knew what direction we were facing!
After our snack, some ladies hiked down to this bridge and then back up the other side.

Love the hear the sound of the rushing water.

More of Mary Jo's lovely close up photos of the Indian Paintbrush and snails.

I took these pictures of the Manning Bridge - seems like the contractor made little progress since we were there last year.  No offense to my nephew, Zeke's company, RSCI, because the replacement bridge seems to be a major engineering feat in this narrow canyon!
This picture taken near the top of the Whitebird hill heading down toward Grangeville!  
Can't finish this blog without remembering Good Friday and being grateful for all the light and goodness that I shared with 22 women the last few days!  Because God loved us we are able to love and enjoy the quirkiness of each other!  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Grand Canyon, Part I

My sister, Karen, promised me last year, after our trip to Yosemite, that she would take me to the Grand Canyon!  My, oh my, what a gorgeous trip we had.  Pictures actually do no justice to the beauty of this National Park.  We spent three days hiking and walking around the south rim.  We found a Best Western in the Village outside the park and rode shuttle buses to the Visitor's Center every day.

 These pictures were taken on the afternoon we arrived and as we wandered around the rim just to get an idea of where we would go tomorrow.

Karen, Dale, AnnMarie and Zeke hiked all the way down about 10 years ago and spent a night at Phantom Ranch, a trek of almost 13 miles!  People need to reserve the ranch a year in advance and Karen remembers waiting on the phone for two hours to secure their reservations.  

 The second day we decided to hike down and back up about 1 mile each way on the South Kaibab Trail.  Even the entrance to the trail caused me a little anxiety, but we made a plan to go slow, take some pictures and just enjoy the incredible views.  The shifting clouds made the colors change in the canyon, but for the most part we hiked in pure sunshine this day.

Ooh-Aah Point, our destination!  Well worth the trip down and climb back up!

Glorious photo depicting all the reasons we chose to spend time here!
 We enjoyed a lovely meal at this restaurant, exceptional service and a large screen that showed pictures of the history of the park!  I loved the daffodils at our hotel and wondered if any were blooming in Lewiston. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

March Madness in Lake Havasu

I enjoyed a great week in Lake Havasu with Karen after the rest of the Kopczynski clan left to go back to work and/or go home.  Levi arrived on Tuesday and we hung out together and watched a lot of basketball.  He knows a lot about basketball and he programmed the TV set so we would not miss any of the Gonzaga games!  Marilyn sent Levi

this shirt in time for the Final Four, but I've included it in this post because we were always proud of our Zags!  I painted the Zag fan rock in Lake Havasu and added the hearts after I got back home!

Karen and I did a little hiking in the hills around Lake Havasu, which you can see in the background.  We were a little nervous this day because outdoor enthusiasts were practicing their shooting skills and we could hear the shots all during our hike.  It was an exceptionally warm day so we didn't waste much time getting back home and into the pool.
We all rode bikes to the London Bridge and the lovely bike trails in the park.

We spent one morning kayaking on the Lake and watching the birds!  I remember visiting with a man who paddled around on a paddleboard who crafted a cooler seat to the board!

Another day we painted rocks with Karen and Dale's friend Joe Johnson's lovely wife, Tammy, and daughter, Savannah.

 This is Joe and his fancy Razor!  Joe and Raylene Johnson's mother owned Latah Sanitation when Karen worked there years ago.  Karen and Dale and happy to have friends now living close to their house in Havasu.  
 I was happy to be riding with Dale because I thought some people might get a little wild and crazy.
 I think there were 15 different terrain vehicles all unloaded for this planned ride to the Desert Bar!  Jerry, Dale's neighbor organized this ride and some people drove 6 - 8 hours to join in the fun.
The facade looks like a church, but I think it's used for wedding backdrops.  The Desert Bar served mostly hamburgers, but also the biggest portion of french fries I've ever seen.
These people know how to have fun!  This picture was taken during one of three 30-minute beer breaks!  Ninety-degree temperatures demanded lots of beer and lots of breaks.