Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, November 12, 2017

The faces of China

Here's another gem of a quote from J. Philip Newell found in Joyce Rupp's Book:

                In the morning light, O God, may I glimpse again
                your image deep within me,
                the threads of glory woven into the fabric of every man and woman.
               Again, may I catch sight of the mystery of the human soul
               fashioned in your likeness, deeper than knowing,
               more enduring than time. 

The mystery of the Chinese people grabbed our attention every day.  Christine engaged them by taking their pictures, hugging, doing sign language and laughing with them.  My sister, Karen, observed that we oogle and stare at them as if they were in a zoo.  Sometimes I put my camera away, thinking I might be intruding on their private and mysterious space, devoid of English conversation.  Now, when I look back at the pictures I can see the threads of glory woven into their tired and wrinkled faces.  I also see joy and happiness in their smiles, despite the hardships and strenuous work.  The children's faces drew us to them, many were shy, but a few offered smiles after we presented balloons and hair clips to them.  Such a mystery, this huge population, obeying the laws of the government by having only one child.... 

These pictures all speak for themselves and need no written words to uncover the mystery in their souls.

Kelly's baby

 Pounding the dyed indigo

 cotton cloth; gathering the cloth for the indigo dye bath. 

Weaving trim for local dress.  To the right, a woman thrashing rice by stomping on it with her feet.

 Woman on the right cutting up scraps of fabric - maybe to make shoes.
Minority people at the Stone Forest.

 Maker of Rice Wine

 Maker of Coffins - permanently stooped!
Women always sit on tiny stools!!

Shy boy & Danian cook's happy grandson

The crafters, weaving cloth and fine embroidery
 This little cutie walked all the way from her school to her home village with us.  She wanted to know how to say our names and we were amazed at her English pronunciation!

The faces depict minority people, old and young, who work hard and smile big!  Some were blind, others without teeth, some with crooked backs and un-cut hair, some were creative, others content to sit and be present to grandchildren.  I was disappointed that I could not have conversations with them, but the looks on their faces spoke volumes in strange and mysterious ways.  

What a privilege to be here on the planet to contribute a unique donation to humankind. Each face in the rainbow of colors that populate our world is precious and special.
Morris Dees